Construction, Italy

1987-90 Mantova Water Pipe

2002-2004 Large Housing Project (Forli), NATO Air Base Unit, Aviano (VC), Stadium renovation (MO),

2005-2006 New Museum in Historical Building, New drainage in Historical Building, New Nursery. Private Villa (BOLOGNA)

2007-2009 Hospital - S.Maria Nuova - (Reggio Emilia)

2009-2011 Several Private Housing renovations, new single Houses,

2010-2011 Ikea, Villesse (GO), Outlet Castel S.Pietro (BO), new swimming Pool Sassuolo(MO), Music School (Castelnuovo Rangone -MO)


Architecture Projects

1996, Industrial Shed - Bologna ,

2007, Reggio Emilia, Interior Renovation, Shop & Store house (600mq)

2012 , Parma, Ice Cream Shop 200mq

2014-2016, Center for the Arts, JAPAN, 10.000 mq

2017, Urban Villa Concept, Tokyo

2018, Eurovelo6 Competition

2018, Tokyo, Setagaya-ku, Mansion

2019, Tokyo,60m Tower, Housing< Chyoda-Ku, 3ban cho, 

2019, Kuwait City, 120m Tower, developer PACE

2020, Moscow, Competition, Developed for 8 months - 

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